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Looking Back


Yesterday was the first time I had been in an interview room since my own interview at Hostos nearly two years ago. It is quite an awesome responsibility to be selecting a new professor for the Hostos Digital Programs – very heavy stuff, to be sure. It got me thinking about one of the most important qualities important to being a professor, a co-worker, and an academic: being a good listener.
The act of listening is a precious one. As a professor, I often feel as if I never stop talking. Even if I am conducting a group discussion, I feel the need to move the conversation along and be ready with the next question. Is this really necessary? What would happen if I kept a bit more quiet? How would this change learning outcomes?
As I prepare for the Hostos Design Lab at MASS MoCA, I would like to keep these questions top-of-mind. Let’s open our ears, people!

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